Monday, June 11, 2007

Is anyone surprised. . .

That Larry Brooks was wrong? Last week you'll remember that Ol' Larry published an article stating that the NHL Salary Cap was going up to around $52m, as opposed to what most people with common sense expected around $48-$49 million. Well, Fox Sports published an article that claims the cap will only approach $48.5 million. With the cap being $3.5 million lower, that's a whole bunch of teams that won't be able to do much in the free agent market. That also of course means that the Capitals only have to spend to about $32.5 million to reach the salary floor, and that their self imposed budget will be around $40.5 million. Beginning next week, I'll start looking at the way the cap affects the other teams I plan on looking at this summer, and breaking down a few draft previews.


Anonymous said...

What's with you hatred for Larry Brooks?
Hello moron the Caps aren't even a rival of the Rangers, just because you don't like them invading your house doesn't make it a rivalary.
The Caps don't have a rival, no matter how much you and your other 13 year old goths get jealous of a real franchise and fanbase.

Anonymous said...

All that post needed was a comment about 1994 and it would be spoken like a true Rag fan...RANGERS SUCK!