Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keenan in as Flames coach

Here that giant screaming sound out of Alberta? That's the sound of all the Flames fans wailing as Mike Keenan has been named head coach.

TSN is reporting that Keenan has agreed to coach the flames, which is kind of scary considering the damage he's done to other franchises in his wake. While he certainly had success for a while as a coach, he left all his teams disasters in his wake, and can't even make his current teams any good anymore.

Going back over the last 15 years:

Chicago: Lead them to the finals in 1992. Since then, they've become the laughing stock of the NHL due to mismanagement and intransigence on the part of the owners.

New York: Won the Stanley Cup, then threw a hissy fit and resigned because he couldn't get along with GM Glenn Sather. The Rangers didn't make the playoffs for more than 10 years after that.

St. Louis: Served as Coach/GM for a little over 2 years. In that time the Blues never advanced past the second round, and Keenan turned over the entire roster except for franchise sniper Brett Hull, with whom Keenan repeatedly clashed.

Vancouver: Never made the playoffs under Keenan, who never made it a full season.

Boston Bruins: Brought in mid-season in 2000-01. The Bs didn't make the playoffs, and Keenan was bounced at the end of the season.

Florida: Brought in twice in different capacities as GM or Head Coach, the team never made the playoffs, and is no closer to doing so than they were when he was brought in.

So now he hasn't coached a team to the playoffs in more than ten years, and the flames are bringing in a coach that has a history of alienating players as their franchise player (Iginla) approaches the UFA market next summer.

Yipes. Just Yipes.


Anonymous said...

Hey douchebag, do you insist on being wrong or were just born ignorant/bitter/jealous like the rest of the other two Caps fans?

Keenan did not quit being Rangers because of a dispute with Sather.
He wanted to be coach and GM, to cash on winning the cup.
So after 1994 he went and spoke with the Red Wings and Blues, only to sign with the Blues.

Sather didn't become Rangers GM until the 2000-2001 season.
I'd consider giving you a mulligan since probably this was before you were conceived, but you go on to say the Rangers missed the playoffs 10 years.

Uh no...they went on to make the playoffs in 95, 96, and 97 winning at least one round every year and going to the 3rd round in 97.
They then went on to miss the playoffs from 98 through 04 (05 if you count the lockout) which is 7 or 8 years.

Are you just that stupid?
Don't you know anything or bother to do your research, or like the other two Caps do you just like to try and make lies about the Rangers/Penguins to make you feel better?

PS, what's with you hatred for Larry Brooks?
Hello moron the Caps aren't even a rival of the Rangers, just because you don't like them invading your house doesn't make it a rivalary.
The Caps don't have a rival, no matter how much you and your other 13 year old goths get jealous of a real franchise and fanbase.

meghann said...

I <3 Ranger fans, they are an endless source of entertainment.

Larry Brooks is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Then why do you read Larry Brooks?
Are you one of the fat redneck Caps fans who thinks saying "Rangers suck" makes you a tough, hardcore fan?
Do you realize only Cap fans consider it a rivalry and just because Ranger fans own the phone booth doesn't make it a rivalry?
Grow up.

meghann said...

Keep insulting me for being a Caps fan, it is just amusing because I am not a Caps fan. Thanks for fulfilling the sterotype of Rags fans for me, it will never get old...

Anonymous said...

What sterotype?
The Rangers have one of the best fanbases and traditions in hockey.
It's funny Caps fans, all two living up to THEIR sterotype of being immature, ugly, babies who get owned by real teams and towns.

meghann said...

The sterotype that they are comple jackasses. Have fun trying to buy yourself a team again, I can't wait until it all blows up in your face.