Friday, June 15, 2007

We Can't Even Get The Awards Show Right.

So I'm all set to watch the NHL awards show on Versus, fingers crossed that Brodeur wins the Vezina and that Brind'Amour doesn't win anything (1 out of 2 ain't bad, I guess), and it's not on at 7 like promised. So maybe they aren't showing the pre-game. I watch some baseball, wake up at 7:25, and still no awards show. So I check the CBC website, and they say it's on at 8 (the Versus website still says it's on at 7). I head back down at 8, and it's still MMA. No NHL awards. But there's a little scroll at the bottom of the screen that says it will be on at 11 pm on tape delay. So after partaking in the mother of all time killing activities (drinking beer), we flip the awards show on at 11, to find boxing. Finally, around 11:05, the awards show starts. And sucks. There is plenty to read about the awards show elsewhere, so I'm not really going to go into it, but this little piece in the Globe and Mail out of Toronto explains that the reason the awards show was bumped had nothing to do with Versus, or a conspiracy against the NHL.

A CBC broadcast truck almost caught fire during the network's telecast of the NHL Awards show from the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto.

Technical problems resulted, the worst of which affected Versus in the United States. The overheated CBC truck caused transmission difficulties forcing the U.S. cable channel to cancel its live telecast. Instead, it aired a World Combat League show and carried a tape delay of the NHL show at 11 p.m. EDT.

The moral of this story? Blame Canada.


Anonymous said...

Sidney's better (clap clap)
Sidney's better (clap clap)
So are you going to cry that Pittsburgh won the draft or downplay Sid's greatness because he was on a more talented club Foyboy?

Why does Bettman hate hockey, because the Penguins won the draft...hmmm they actually deserved the first pick in 05 and 04, unlike the Caps who had a fire sale then stole Ovenchicken in 04.
Ehh...I'm sure all 5 Cap fans will care.

meghann said...

You Pens fans are might insecure. You leave commnents on blogs that have nothing to do with the Pens going on and on about Crosby and insulting Ovechkin.

I find it funny that most Caps fans I have encountered have let the draft go, while Pens fans constantly bring it up. I guess that really says a lot about their fan base though...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Penguins have a fan base.
They don't need to illegally block tickets or give away pizza and golf lessons to get people to come see hockey.

meghann said...

They do, they go more for quantity than quality.

FS said...

This penguins fan base, that's the one that was dead last in attendance before the league GAVE them their saviour, right?

meghann said...

Who doesn't love the bandwagoners?

Anonymous said...

How did the league give the Pens Crosby?
Uh...they had the worst record.
And dumbass did you forget the Pens
-have always invaded DC
-have one of the best fanbases in hockey
-their attendance was low for a few years when they were an AHL team

You are one to talk.
When you can sell out without having your rink be half NYR or PIT fans, when you don't have to illegally block tickets, you can maybe speak.

Also how did the Pens get handed Sid?
They had the worst record.
They should have gotten Ovenchicken, but the NHL HANDED THE CAPS THAT PICK even though the Pens had the worser record.

How is that fair and justified?
How can you bitch about us getting Sid when you got Ovenchicken without the worst record and only after purposely holding a mid season fire sale?

Once again all two Caps show their ignorance/immaturity.
Go cry to Ted about having no fans.

The NHL should have moved you out years ago to a real sports town.